Student Reflection on ‘Global Movements’ Class

One part of my fall 2022 course, ‘Global Movements: Migrations, Refugees, and Diasporas,’ was a visit to the Mount Holyoke College art museum to develop visual literacy skills through close observations of a range of visual representations of migration. After the dynamic and informative visit, I was thrilled when Charlotte Smith, a student in ‘Global Movements’ and an engagement intern at the art museum, asked if she could interview me about why I have students visit the museum as part of this class.

I thoroughly appreciated the opportunity to reflect upon my pedagogy in this interview with Charlotte. And, it is with great joy that I am sharing here the piece that Charlotte wrote following our interview. In this piece, she reflects upon our class visit to the art museum, the connections she’s forged between her passions for art history and geography, and the many implications of representations of migration. You can find the excellent blog post here. Be sure to scroll to the end and check out Charlotte’s zine that she made as a project in ‘Global Movements’ as well!