New ‘Imagining Seattle’ Book Review by Wayne Feiden

A new book review of Imagining Seattle by Wayne Feiden was published online at the Journal of Planning Literature. Feiden notes that Seattle has long been recognized in the field of planning as a leader in racial and social equity policies. At the same time, he underscores that Houston’s research illustrates how despite these intentions inequities still emerge within planning. As he writes, “Houston is able, with the deepest respect for her subjects, to explore how sometimes obvious solutions for those with a professional background may not serve a diverse population.” While Feiden worries that his planning students might not find enough solutions to the issues identified by Houston in her book, he adds that “I want to use Houston’s case study approach and her stories to challenge emerging planners to think about how their work will read to those on both sides of our racial and social divides.” To read the full Imagining Seattle book review by Wayne Feiden, please visit the Journal of Planning Literature here. 

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